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Radex RD 1212-BT Advanced geiger Counter with Bluetooth

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Advanced geiger counter with Bluetooth link to smartphone

RADEX RD1212-BT geiger counter / radiation detector can be used by professionals and non-professionals for quick and reliable measurement of radiation background in environment, soil and products. Features capability to track radiation “live”, store it or share online.

Compatible with Android phones, iPhones or tablets.

• Advanced geiger counter / radiation detector with Bluetooth link to smartphones
• High-accuracy sensor SBM-20-1. Pre-calibrated
• Beta, Gamma and X-ray radiation detector
• Temperature and Air Pressure in real time
• Free Application for mapping and sharing

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Radiation data collected and streaming live to your smartphone

Quarta-Rad Inc, the manufacturer of Radex brand electronics announces the release of the brand new RD1212-BT geiger counter / radiation detector!

Radex 1212-BT is the next-generation geiger counter based on Quarta-Rad’s top-seller RD1212 series and combines it with cellular technology through the use of Bluetooth 4.0

Via the application RadexRead, downloaded for free from Google Play or App Store, Radex customers can now combine radiation readings from Radex 1212 BT with GPS coordinates for their private use or share it with other environmental enthusiasts.

Unlike other similar products on the market, Radex 1212-BT is priced to make this technology affordable to everyone concerned about potentially harmful radiation effects.

RD1212-BT geiger counter / radiation detector links to your Android-powered smartphone, an Iphone or tablet through our free app called RadexRead.

The geiger counter takes readings continuously, as it transfers them in real time to your phone.
The app finds your location on the map and assigns the received readings to that spot.

Summary and Working Specifications:
  • Load the RadexRead app onto your phone, link it with your 1212-BT geiger counter and just go for a walk or a drive! The radiation detector will continuously obtain data along your path, with each data point showing the level of radiation at that location.
  • measure ionized radioactivity
  • Measure temperature and air pressure
  • store measurement results in memory or transfer to your phone
  • self-testing
  • Time and Date functions
  • audible alarm
  • vibration alarm
  • integrated flashlight
  • multilingual (English, German, French, Russian, Japanese)
  • One year Manufacturer’s Warranty included (all warranty claims are processed by authorized resellers only).

Accurate – Easy to use – Rugged – Connected.

The best geiger counter / radiation detector for the common use.

Additional information

Weight .5 g

Data you can map and share on the go

Range of indications (μSv/h)

0.05 – 999.00

Scale range of Gamma-radiation energy (MeV)

0.1 – 1.25

Scale range of X-ray radiation energy (MeV)

0.03 – 3.00

Scale range of Beta-radiation energy (MeV)

0.4 – 3.5

Error - of dose rate , not more, where P is the dose rate in µSv/h (%)


Audio Alarm threshold levels - dose rate (µSv/h)

0.1 – 99.0

Measurement Cycle (seconds)

10 – 1



Height x Width x Depth (mm)

97 x 68 x 24

Weight (g)


Batteries («AAA») (pcs)


Time of continuous operation, not less than (hours)


3 reviews for Radex RD 1212-BT Advanced geiger Counter with Bluetooth

  1. Nelson

    The Radex RD1212-BT Geiger Counter/Dosimeter is one of the best reasonably priced units I have seen. I’ve had mine for several months and it is easy to use and works beautifully. You can select to measure MicroSiverts or MicroRem, I prefer MicroRem and if the measurement goes beyond 1000 it displays it in MilliRem. You can also switch the display to measure Counts Per Minute. One if the best features is the Vibrate mode which most other units don’t have. When walking around with this unit I set it to Vibrate with the beeping sound off. The biggest drawback with this Radex is it has no way to clip it to your belt. You can carry it in your shirt pocket or do as I did and buy a Belt Case measuring ( 110mm x 75mm x 20mm ) on eBay from China, it fits perfectly. I have carried the Radex in public and numerous times while sitting in a Restaurant it vibrates and goes crazy. Someone has just walked in the door, 30 feet away who has had a recent injection of technetium 99 a commonly used Radioactive Tracer used in tens of millions of medical diagnostic procedures annually. Finding Radioactivity in everyday life is just a fun thing to do, a Hobby much better than Collecting Stamps.

  2. EllyS

    Love this product! Gives me a piece of mind since I’ve started to feel worried about environment around me after realizing I’m pregnant.
    Compact enough to fit into my lady-bag 🙂

  3. Bill.Crumling

    Best portable, Geiger Counter available.
    Easy to read screen with Backlight
    Audio and / or Vibrate Alarm,
    ( Vibrate Mode is absolutely essential for everyday Indiscreet carry ).
    Selectable readings:
    CPM ( Counts per Minute )
    When measuring in MicroSiverts or MicroRems if the reading is over 1,000 the display automatically switches to MilliSiverts or MilliRems. If measuring in CPM the display switches to times 1000.
    There is an Alarm Threshold that is adjustable.
    The unit is equipped with Bluetooth which allows connection to your iPhone or Android device and sharing readings over the Internet.
    The RD1212-BT displays the Time, Date, Temperature ( F/C ) and Air Pressure in mmHg ( Millimeters of Mercury ) and has a built in Flashlight.
    This is the smallest and easiest to carry Geiger Counter I have seen. It fits into a Shirt Pocket or perfectly into my preference, a 110mm x 75mm x 20mm Belt Pouch from China. I carry this Geiger Counter everywhere, you would be surprised at some of the Radioactive things I have found, ( No Dirty Bombs yet ), but I’m doing my part!
    I have had numerous interactions with “Dmitry” at this company and he is the best, very responsive!

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