Reports of radiation spike in residential area.

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There has been a significant radiation spike in the southeastern parts of Moscow, Russia, several news outlets reported. On the morning of February 7th, 2020, several employees of the “Radon” company which specializes in toxic waste disposal, filmed a short … Read More

Safety level

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Background radiation is classified as either natural or man-made. It is nearly impossible to completely avoid the natural radiation on our planet, simply because its source is the Sun and the subsurface radon gas.  Practically speaking, this type of radiation … Read More

Dangerous consequences

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Radiation sickness, like any other, has consequences. In most cases, they are grave. To learn more about the consequences of radiation sickness, you first need to determine its degree of severity.   There are four degrees of severity. The first … Read More

A life-saving device

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Nobody is insured against the harmful effects of radiation. Unfortunately, any object around us can be a source of deadly radiation: money, tools, building materials, clothes, furniture, means of transport, soil, water, etc. In moderate doses, our bodies are able … Read More

Sources of destruction

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Unfortunately, it is impossible to protect oneself from the effects of radiation on our planet. We are continuously under the influence of different types of natural and technogenic radiation. Harmless at first sight, a children’s toy or a nearby building … Read More

A Dangerous disease

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Radiation sickness is a disease that occurs as a result of exposure of the human body to ionizing radiation, with the symptoms that may vary depending on the absorbed dose as well as the radiation type and the duration of … Read More

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