Practical use of RD1212 Geiger Counter: radioactive iodine therapy for thyroid cancer.

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A journalist from Vancouver was traveling across the South Pacific on vacation. The journalist was a curious and suspicious man so he brought an RD1212 Advanced geiger counter. After all, he presumed that exotic places may have exotic dangers, a lucky … Read More

How much is harmful?

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This article is used with permission from How dangerous to human health is radiation from the crippled nuclear power plant in Japan? How does it compare with other nuclear accidents and our everyday radiation exposure? With the help from … Read More

RADEX ONE Data Center

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RADEX ONE is a sophisticated scientific device that has been miniaturised for the sake of practicality and final cost reduction. To take the full advantage of the unit’s features, a PC-based software is required. Measurements can be charted and analysed, … Read More

Introducing RD1503 Plus (RADEX 1503+)

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Now there is a better, stronger and more advanced version of our best-selling workhorse – the RD1503. Ever since the introduction of the original RD1503, customers have been asking for additional functions and requested certain improvements on the existing design. … Read More

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