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Treatment of radiation sickness

The radiation sickness arises owing to treatment of a high dose of radiation on the person.

In case of radiation in a dose of 2.5 Gy deaths are possible. A dose in 4± 1 Gy is average lethal meaning for the person, but in case of a dose of 5-10 Gy clinical convalescence with well-timed treatment is still possible. The radiation dose over 6 Gy causes to the death.

For the resolution of the correct tactics of maintaining patients and forecasting of sharp radiation sickness, radiation monitorings are taken. The purpose is to indirectly testify to quantitative parameters of radioactive impact on fabrics.

At first, it is necessary to stop the primary reaction to gamma-rays, then prevention of complications is carried out. Further, drugs and actions for treatment of intoxication and disturbances of a circulation are prescribed.

At the last stage, you need to apply the supporting and recovery therapy (vitamins, drugs to immune system, and an action for an immune correction).

There are such methods of treatment as a diet, use of enzymes, hormones and vitamins.

Apply antiemetic medicines and antihistaminic drugs to removal of sharp symptomatology. Also, drugs with supporting cardiovascular system properties are usually shown to the patient.

Take no chances! You can avoid radiation sickness easy. Buy the dosimeter and always be aware of a radiological situation.