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A life-saving device

Nobody is insured against the harmful effects of radiation. Unfortunately, any object around us can be a source of deadly radiation: money, tools, building materials, clothes, furniture, means of transport, soil, water, etc. In moderate doses, our bodies are able to cope with the effects of radiation without suffering serious consequences. However, people today do not pay due attention to radiation safety, and this poses as a mortal risk.

Special equipment is used to determine the level of radiation and radioactivity: the dosimeter (radiometer). It works by recording and counting the number of radiation particles by means of a Geiger-Müller counter. Dosimeters can be divided into professional units and those for personal use. The differences between them relate to measurement range and measurement error.

Professional dosimeters are intended for use in manufacturing, on nuclear submarines and in other, similar places where there is a risk of receiving a high dose of radiation (because professional dosimeters generally have a wider measurement range).

Personal dosimeters can be used to assess the radiation background in the apartment or in the house. It is also possible to check building materials and the plot where you plan to build your house.

A personal dosimeter has small dimensions and low weight. It runs, as a rule, on accumulators or batteries. You can take personal dosimeter anywhere – on a mushroom-hunting trip to the woods, for example, or even to the supermarket.

Nowadays, anyone can buy a dosimeter. Not so long ago dosimeters were available only to special services, their high cost and bulky dimensions made them difficult to use for general public. Modern achievements in electronics have brought down the size of personal dosimeters and made them more affordable in price. These updated devices have rapidly gained recognition around the world and now are the only effective solution for measuring ionizing radiation dosage today.

Nowadays, dosimeters are widely used by engineers in the field, antique collectors, physics students, survivalists, post-radiation treatment patients and their pets, and just curious folks.

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