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Sources of destruction

Unfortunately, it is impossible to protect oneself from the effects of radiation on our planet. We are continuously under the influence of different types of natural and technogenic radiation. Harmless at first sight, a children’s toy or a nearby building can be a source of radiation. However, it is possible to protect yourself from these temporary sources of radiation.

Aside from these types of radiation, there is a general radiation background created by several sources all around us. Gaseous, solid and liquid substances can create background ionizing radiation. For example, radon gas is the most widespread gaseous source of natural radiation. Even the walls of a room can’t completely protect you from radioactive gas. More importantly, the walls of a building can also be a radiation source. It should be noted that practically any building creates a radiation background. Old buildings usually have a higher level of radiation. It is important to take this fact into account when measuring the radiation level in a building. A radon monitor will help you measure the level of radon.

There is a category of household goods which emit radiation within admissible limits. For example, a watch with hands coated in radium salts to make them glow in the dark (phosphoric luminescence), or a compass with a similarly coated needle, will emit radiation. It is possible to tell that radiation exists indoors from a TV set or monitor that uses a cathode ray tube.

People are exposed to radiation during all stages of their lives: when working in industry, while relaxing at home and even while receiving medical treatment. Chest photofluorography is a classic example of the use of radiation in medicine. Although we are affected by radiation during such procedures, the radiation dose is within the standard limits.

Often, the most dangerous source of radiation is food. Nobody can be sure of the quality of produce from a supermarket. It can store radioactive isotopes in its structure and pose a serious threat to human health. Food that has been damaged by radiation has a strong effect on the body.

Thus, a certain dose of radiation is emitted by the majority of objects and substances. The amount of radiation is another matter. Is it dangerous or not?  It is possible to estimate the danger of the radiation emitted by any substance using a dosimeter! Save yourself and your family from this invisible enemy! http://bit.ly/2k9VDGr