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Introducing RD1212-BT Geiger Counter with Bluetooth

Quarta-Rad Inc, the manufacturer of Radex brand electronics announces the release of the new Geiger counter RD1212-BT.

Radex 1212 BT is the next-generation Geiger counter based on Quarta-Rad's top-seller RD1212 series and combines it with cellular technology through the use of Bluetooth 4.0

Via the application RadexRead, downloaded for free from Google Play, Radex customers can now combine radiation readings from Radex 1212 BT with GPS coordinates for their private use or share it with other environmental enthusiasts.

Unlike other similar products on the market, Radex 1212 BT is priced to make this technology affordable to everyone concerned about potentially harmful radiation effects.

Since as early as 1990, we have driven radiation dosimetry to be accessible to the general public, as radiation and its dangers remain grossly misunderstood.

Alex Golovanov, CEO

RD1212-BT geiger counters links to your Android-powered smartphone or tablet through our free app called RadexRead.

The geiger counter takes readings continuously, as it transfers them in real time to your phone. The app finds your location on the map and assigns the received readings to that spot.

What you can do with it:
Load the RadexRead app on your phone, link it with your 1212-BT geiger counter and just go for a walk or a drive. The units will continuously obtain data while you trace your path with data points, each data point showing the level of radiation at that location.

If you choose to share this information with the world, you can save it anonymously to our network, thus contributing to the global awareness and fighting unwarranted anxiety over the spread of radiation. It is easy to do, fun to experiment with and ultimately a tremendously useful social tool for a great public service.

RadexRead map
Real-time data transfer from geiger counter to smartphone

Quarta-Rad has been designing, manufacturing and distributing radiation detectors for individual use and government agencies since 1992. We have a team of superb engineers who test and perfect all our detectors.

RD1212-BT Advanced Geiger Counter with Bluetooth capability is available now.

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