The Newest model: Slicker, Faster  Smarter than ever before!

The Geiger Counter you've been looking for: 
Very easy to use, fun to have and now it connects to your PC and Faster than ever - just 10 seconds!

Engineered to be light and quick, bursting with features like: built-in flashlight, USB cable and vibration alarm.  (And yes, it CLICKS too!)

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Which Geiger is best for me?


RADEX RD1503+ Upgraded Geiger Counter

Our latest development in the line of RADEX radiation detectors. This is the upgraded version of our best-selling RADEX RD1503.  

This new device provides a non-professional with a way to quickly and easily check radiation background of top soil, non-consumable products, and inside premises. Make sure it's a Plus!

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    Which Geiger is best for me?


Geiger Counter RADEX RD1706

Have you been curious about the radiation levels around you? Then this handheld geiger counter is for you. Measure β,γ and X-ray radiation with geiger counter so precise, that even Japanese Consumer Protection Agency found it to be equivalent to $6K+ specialized detector. Take it to your school, take it on a plane, or just carry it with you around town! You will be pleasantly surprised just how much radiation surrounds you in your daily life!  

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Which Geiger is best for me?

Radioactivity Detector RADEX RD1008

Radioactivity detector RADEX RD1008 is designed for detecting ionizing radiation and estimating  the ambient dose-equivalent values, the ambient equivalent dose-rate of photon (gamma- and roentgen-) ionizing radiation and the beta-particles flux density.

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Radon Monitor SIRAD MR-106N

SIRAD MR-106N is the first device in the consumer market in Russia and CIS that measures the presence of Radon gas indoors. Experts say that Radon gas is the greatest contributor to the collective dose of radiation contamination in enclosed spaces (i.e., homes, offices, etc.).

A recent study completed by the Russian Ministry of Health indicated that 38% of the annual average radiation dose received by a typical Moscow resident is from Radon.

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Electro Magnetic Indicator RADEX EMI 50

This device was designed for detection and localization of electromagnetic danger zones in residential and public premises.  Using RADEX EMI50, a consumer can check the strength of EMI fields that have negative influence on human health.

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RadexRead Software that allows users to upload data from their radiation detectors straight to Google Maps for everyone to see – is now compatible with Mac OS!


Now we need several better testers to put it through paces.

This is going to be our first iteration and we lack good color sense as all hardware engineers would, and did we mention that we never programmed for OSX before? If you promise not to throw rocks at us and beat us with the sticks, please email or call to become a beta tester!radexread-osx

RD1212 is necessary.

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radexread-banner & RadexRead Software joined map of radiation measurements, updated by our customers.

Radiation measurements in USA MAP

Now with RD1212 Advanced Geiger Counter you can plot your radiation readings right onto the map!


Share your radiation readings and see what the others have been finding too. Join the global community of concerned people just like you who can now share the data from their Advanced Geiger Counter by plotting it on the World Map by using Radex Read Software .

A free new application developed by Quarta Rad which allows users to properly store, analyse and share data from their RD1212 Advanced Geiger Counters.

DOWNLOAD the latest RD1212 Software HERE

What the New Radex Read software can do:

  • Read data from RD1212 and see it on your PC.
  • Store the readings you took on your PC or share it on a server.
  • With one click – Assign Location to your data in our International Database.
  • Show all data from other users on the World Map.
  • Save your data for personal use only.
  • Chart your data for specific location vs specified time period.
  • Save your data for the world to see in Common International Database.
  • Quick and easy access with a Customizable Interface.


 With this new addition RD1212 becomes a true scientific device, allowing for greater awareness and a quick access to the necessary tools that will properly analyse the readings you have been collecting.

The software can be downloaded and used for free here:

Download Radex Read 1.0

See what it looks like - click on the picture.

RadexRead Video Tutorial


RADEX 1503+ Replaces RADEX 1503

As of August 1st, 2013, Quarta-Rad upgraded RADEX 1503 to RADEX 1503 Plus. Upgraded firmware, additional features, and cost the same as  RADEX 1503. When you buy RADEX 1503 online, make sure it is RADEX 1503 Plus!

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