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SIRAD MR 106(N) is the first Radon Gas Monitor, in Russian and CIS market, made specifically as a household appliance for measuring air radioactivity of living quarters.

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SIRAD MR 106(N) is the first Radon Gas Monitor is designed for measuring the level of Radon gas in living and working quarters.

SIRAD MR 106N is a desk-mounted instrument which allows consumers to measure the equivalent balanced volumetric Radon activity in air (Radon 222) according to the quantity of its bulk value activity.

SIRAD MR 106N assesses the Equivalent Equilibrium Volumetric Activity (EEVA) of Radon-222 in the air of living quaters and public buildings. Activity of radon is determined by the number of registered alpha-particle decay of Ro218 (RaA) and Ro214 (RaC’). MR-106N continuously assesses the EEVA, analyzes the EEVA alteration dynamics and determines the EEVA average.

Radon gas counter MR-106N can be used as a household handheld portable device with an independent and external power supply.

SIRAD MR-106N has obtained a Certificate of quality in Russian Federation.

You can find Instruction manual for SIRAD MR106N here.


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