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  • SIRAD MR 106(N) is the first Radon Gas Monitor, in Russian and CIS market, made specifically as a household appliance for measuring air radioactivity of living quarters.

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  • RADEX RD1212-BT is the next-generation Geiger counter based on Quarta-Rad's top-seller RD1212 series and combines it with cellular technology through the use of Bluetooth 4.0 High-accuracy Geiger sensor SBM-20-1 for Beta, Gamma and X-ray radiation. Bluetooth link with smartphone Temperature and Air Pressure meter Google Play application for mapping and...

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    RADEX RD1706 Geiger Counter is a major step up from the basic 1503 model.  Along with all options and sturdiness of RD1503 it is capable of additional functions:X-ray particle detectionshort sampling intervalsound and vibration alarm±15% accuracy999.0 µSv/h upper threshold

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  • Detector RADEX EMI50 is designed to be used by general public for the purpose of detection and localization of Electro Magnetic danger zones in residential and public premises.

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  • RADEX ONE provides a non-professional consumer with fast and precise measurements that can be used for localisation of high-level radioactive sources. Radex ONE features: • Detect Gamma, Beta and X-ray radiation • Compact and light body • Radiation Search mode • Measure cumulative dose • Store data on PC • Share measurements with other users

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    RADEX RD1212 provides a non-professional consumer with a way to quickly and easily check radiation background of top soil, non-consumable products, and inside premises. Comes with a USB-to-PC cable and RadexRead Software. RadexRead allows you: • Store data on your PC • See each measurement location on the interactive onlinemap • Share your...

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  • RADEX RD1008 - The first handheld radiation detector that detects and displays radiation results for Beta- and Gamma- as two separate values.   It was designed for detecting ionizing radiation and estimating the ambient dose-equivalent values, as well as the ambient equivalent dose-rate of photon (gamma- and roentgen-) ionizing radiation and the...

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    RADEX RD1503+ is designed for an ambient dose capacity rate equivalent estimate of gamma rays by the average non-professional consumer at home (non-consumable products, building materials, soil, etc.). It can also be used by professionals working with sources of ionizing radiation. The device also detects objects polluted with beta - fissile radionuclides.

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