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Quarta-Rad is proud to present our latest all web version of RadexRead software for Mac and Windows!

RadexWeb – the Latest Radiation Measurements across the World 


Know what is out there, be aware of your surroundings and those worldwide.

radexwebRadexWeb - the on-line application the makes Radiation Measurements easy to see, chart and share across the globe. It is a tool to analyze and to ultimately understand radiation measurements gathered, by literally painting
"The Big Picture".



RadexRead takes data from your Geiger Counter and adds it to our International Database, so you or anyone else can see radiation measurements taken on a beach in California or deep in a Bavarian forest.

radexweb2Please note: although RadexWeb is still in Beta stage for now, it remains free for the general public and we are improving it every day. So if you find something you don't feel is working just the way it should, please let us know and we will fix it right away.


This is how it works:

Simply follow the link, download appropriate driver and connect RD1212 to your computer.


  • upload data to MAC or PC
  • share data through International Database
  • make a chart
  • view data uploaded by other users
  • save data on your PC only

RD1212 is required to track and upload data.

PC-only version of RadexRead is also available
for download.

See detailed instructions  

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