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RD1212 Advanced Geiger Counter with bluetooth
Real-time data transfer from geiger counter to smartphone

RD1212 Advanced Geiger Counter is the top seller among personal radiation detectors for the past year. Quick detection times, accurate measurements and a unique link to the International Database, every user can share their measurements by assigning them to a map location. It shows you the big picture of worldwide radiation. Easy to understand and simple to do. 

Bluetooth creates an effortless connection between devices and instant transfer of data so analyzing measurements and data will be conducted in real time.We have made it simpler and immediate!

It's all automatic and no set-up required. Results can be obesrved on your smartphone or via our free, multi-lingual on-line application


Measurements can now be easity charted and analyzed, with options for: Graph Average, Customs Selection and My Values Only. Give it a try! Great for serious research and fun for the rest of us.



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